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Spare Time Novels “Lucky”


The story “Lucky” is about a man, who is transported to a prison facility located on a Chersonese. This man is Lucky to be able to break out of prison, along with two major crime bosses “Fish Face, and the Clown” of the metropolis island. The main character, John Woods, is very reckless and though the city is known for crime, his unruly perspective seems to be the only answer to the financial slavery taking place on the Chersonese. The villain of this tale is John Woods aka Darkwoods. John has no problems brandishing his sinister motives, in this fast-paced tale about calamity, love, and pleasure…

Mr. Carey chose to portray the beginning of the tale. John Woods is a man who was found guilty of arson and was sentenced to forty years. After ten years into his sentence, he is transferred to another prison facility and becomes Dark woods.

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